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Write an American History timeline. Include what you think were the important dates/ events.

The Events MUST:


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-have taken place in America between 1492-1877

-be significant to American History.



Consider the questions:  What happened?  Include the basics.  Why were these events important?  How did they shape the Era?  Why should they be studied?


-Length:  stick to 125 words per event.



DATE:  event title- i.e. what happened

IMPORTANCE:  your short analysis of what happened and why it was important.  Each event should be at least 125 words +.  So yes that is 1,250 words.  This serves as your Final.


1 date 1 event:

Do not write:

August 3, 1492:  Columbus sets sail.

October 12, 1492:  Columbus reaches the New World.

Those are 2 separate events not one.



Be sure to include at least 10 important events.

**Don’t write:  1754-1763:  the French and Indian War took place.

**Don’t include:  events that took place after 1877.

**Don’t:  write an essay.  A timeline means a timeline.   I should be able to quickly see the date- event and why it was important.

**Don’t use general War events like:  the Civil War 1861.  If you use Wars, include specific start and end dates.

HINT:  World War II did not take place 1492-1877.

**Do a timeline of events.

***Not 10 events from the same War/ Movement/ Era, etc.  

**Slavery is not an event.  

A person is not an event.

An Act is not an event.

The Bill of Rights is not an event. 

The Constitution is not an event.




Do include:  historic analysis and research as to why such an event was important.

Do include:   exact dates for events.  Colonists coming to America 1600-1700 is not a specific event.  The Civil War 1861 is not an exact date.



Grammar:  be sure not to say I think…  Keep I, we, us, our, etc out of formal essays.  By the way you write you are telling me how you think.  I know this can be hard.  But you want to write something like:  William Penn was the most influential person that has ever lived in Colonial America.  And NOT:  I think William Penn was a very important person that we all should care about.  Be concise and well thought out.  Be sure to re-read your paper after writing to check for misspellings.  If you can, have someone else read and comment on your essay.  Run spell/ grammar check.



Format:  Be sure to add your name to the doc title i.e. ZuponMelindaMFINAL.  Include a title page with your name, date, assignment title.  Place page numbers at the bottom of each page.  Use Times New Roman- 12 pt.  Double space.

**Upload to the Drop Box.



-Research:  You MUST include citations (i.e. endnotes or footnotes in Chicago Format or (author, page #) and a Bibliography).  You should have several citations to help prove your point but not so much that all you are doing is either paraphrasing or stringing quotes together.

You MUST use more than 1 source.  

**For adding citations in Word this link might help:  Make sure to change the endnote/ footnote numbering from Roman numerals to 1,2,3 and so on.

**You’ll need to create a Bibliography.  This link will show you how: Make sure to choose Chicago Format.

**Remember you want a good mix of citations not 30 citations in 1 short paper.



**You will be graded on argument, style, Historic analysis, organization, grammar, and research.




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