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What possible meanings does measure have in medical imaging discipline and how can it be applied?

Using secondary research to explore what the concept of measure means in my discipline (Medical Imaging). The title of the paper is ‘What possible meanings does measure have in your discipline and how can it be applied?’ and it should be written for a non-specialist audience.


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Synonyms of measure

  • Value
  • Action
  • Proof
  • Assess
  • Quantify
  • A Step
  • Judge
  • Appraise


Definitions of Measure

Concrete an action, especially an official one, that is intended to deal with a particular problem (step) To find the size, length, or amount of something
Abstract Be a sign of the importance, strength etc of something, or a way of testing or judging something To judge the importance, value, or true nature of something (assess)

So in medical imaging, is measure concrete or abstract?



The different meanings of measure, think about abstract and concrete, and choose one like if we choose that medical imaging more concrete and look to the development of the measurement and how it has improved. Not just looking in how it measure but also evaluating the progress that been made and that is self measuring (evaluating the progress in medical imaging) and what is the practical application that describe and talk about what exactly means (how do we measure) and how measure the tumor size impact on that

Measure and how can we apply and use the medical imaging quality measure as example to answer the questions of the meaning in measure in medical imaging

I will argue that in certain areas of medical imaging, measure is concrete such as measure the tumor sizes that response to treatment by different criteria, and that in others it is abstract, measure the medical imaging quality to produce a good performance and safe patient life. Then look at the applications when it’s concrete and when it’s abstract.



The criteria of the essay


Evidence of familiarity with relevant literature

Evidence of critical reading and analysis of the literature

Organise and express ideas logically and accurately

Synthesise secondary sources effectively, developing clear argumentation

Make clear your own position and perspective

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