Transport Process Assignment


Crystallization is an important heat and mass transfer process in Chemical Engineering. It is a thermal separation, and therefore a purification process that yields a solid product from a melt, from a solution or from a vapour.


During crystallization process, where a solid product is obtained from a solution, the following three steps always have to be considered:


  • Transport of material to be crystallized from the bulk solution to the vicinity of the crystal surface.
  • Transfer of material from the solution boundary layer to the solid state (generally referred to as surface integration).
  • Dissipation of the heat of crystallization liberated at the point of growth.


In this project, first you will give an introduction to crystallization process and its importance and applications in different industries. Then, discuss the three heat and mass transfer steps involved in crystallization. In this section, clearly indicate how your discussions are based on what you have learned during ‘transport processes’unit. Also introduce the important parameters which play role in crystallization and impact on heat and mass transfer steps.Describe how those parameters can be manipulated to enhance/improve the crystallization.

Your report:

The report must contain a detailed explanation of each heat and mass transfer phenomenon being explored, including a quantitative analysis of how that phenomenon affects the crystallization process.The report should explain how these phenomena work together to aid or hinder crystallization.

Your report must also contain an executive summary of the report, a brief introduction giving an overview of the document and its context,overall discussion and conclusions and a reference list.

Marking criteria:

Introduction to crystallization, its importance and applications–20%

Scientific explanation ofthree heat and mass transfer steps in crystallization–40%

Discussion on how thesephenomena how they work togetherandaffect the crystallization process –30%

Use of clear, professional English –5%

Referencing –5%

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