The Stranger by Albert Camus

With the trail of Meursault shining a different perspective of the actions of him, we realize the narration by Meursault painted the picture that his actions and thoughts were normal. From the State Prosecutor, the Magistrate, and the some of the trail’s witnesses paint another picture. Their interpretation comes from honest observations from maman’s funeral, willingly writing a letter to lure Raymond’s girlfriend to be “taught a lesson” with little resistance, and his failure to express any remorse for his actions toward the Arab concluding to them that he is heartless, and lack’s sound moral judgement. Yet, at times emotionless, he does express fondness for Marie, and an internal reasoning that makes him believe he did caring for maman, so is Meursault a sociopath?

The strategies I would deploy to complete my first research paper is to research information to both prove and disprove my question, create a defined thesis, construct a tentative outline, organize findings, work toward finishing a first draft, ensure my outline and draft are concise. Researching this topic will require reading official resources used to train psychologist, reading any recent psychologist journal that focus on the topic of sociopathy, asking around if there are any psychologist who are willing to be interviewed. I would use this research to compare the actions of Meursault in The Stranger to make an honest analyst to help answer my question.

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