The courts cannot and do not take account of Ministerial responsibility in their decisions.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Provide reasons for your answer.


  • Referencing

You must use proper legal referencing in the assignment. Where possible, you should follow the Australian Guide to Legal Citation [‘AGLC’], however any citation system using footnotes will be acceptable, provided it is consistent and includes all the necessary information.

The faculty regards plagiarism (including unintentional plagiarism) very seriously. All quotations from other sources must be formatted as quotations in the text, and acknowledged in the text or by footnotes. It is also plagiarism to paraphrase another source extensively without attribution. Marks will be deducted for plagiarism commensurate with the seriousness of the offence. If the examiners find that plagiarism was done with the intention of obtaining an unfair advantage in assessment, the essay may be disqualified for assessment and no marks at all will be given. Plagiarism may also lead to disciplinary proceedings being taken against the student.

  • Assessment criteria

Information about the assessment criteria is contained in the attached marking sheet. Note that you will also receive written comments about your assignment in addition to the criteria in the marking sheet.

You are prohibited from submitting any work that has previously been submitted for assessment in another subject, either in whole or in part, or has previously been published.


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