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Tesla Motors’ Strategy to Revolutionize the Global Automotive Industry

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I have written these briefing notes in response to the requests I have received for additional information and I hope you will find my guidelines useful. I suggest you read the case several times and then reread chapters 1 – 7 in the textbook. The content of the Tesla Motors’ case ties tightly to Chapters 1–7, its focus is on business strategy and my aim is for students to demonstrate their understanding of business strategy specifically you will need to evidence your understanding of how to apply the concepts and analytical tools covered in the first seven chapters of the text. Therefore you definitely need to have read Chapter 7 because Tesla is very definitely pursuinga global strategy, in a globally competitive industry that is dominated by global competitors. You may find it helpfulto check the very latest informationon developments at Tesla Motors, in the press releases and the investor relations’ sections at

Videos for Use with the Tesla Motors Case There are three videos students can view on their own when analyzing the Tesla case:


Utilizing the Guide to Case Analysis.

  1. You may find it beneficial to read the Guide to Case Analysis in your text (immediately follows Case 31 in the text). The content of this Guide is particularly helpful to students how to prepare a case for class discussion, oral presentation, or written analysis.
  2. Use the financial ratio information in Table 4.1 of Chapter 4 (pages 81–83) to assist you in calculating a revealing set of financial ratios and interpreting them.
  3. The case contains detailed information on Tesla’s emergence as an important and fast-growing company, the various elements of Tesla’s strategy, and the company’s performance—both financially and strategically.
  4. While the case is a bit lengthy (28 pages), the full story of what Tesla is doing, the scope of its ambitions, and the rationales underlying the company’s assorted strategic initiatives all needed to be presented / laid out in order for students to have enough information to draw conclusions about the soundness of Tesla’s strategy and the company’s prospects for market success.
  5. The analysis that you as students need to do in this case no doubt is demanding andcomprehensive but please note as students you should focus on answering the questionsin the main body of your report and base your information on yourown analytical interpretations utilizing various reference / guiding frameworks from the text and Antoine’s lectures to support your answers. Please note only the conclusions drawn from your analyses (succinct) should be included in the main body of the report. HOWEVER including detailed written analyses or specific content descriptions of frameworks is optional and if you do wish to include these they should only be submitted as APPENDICES these should be numbered e.g. appendix 1, and referred to in your report e.g. see appendix 1, please note appendices are FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES only AND are not included in the actual word limit.
  6. Some of the ‘Frameworks’ you may find usefulto apply in your analyses
    1. PESTEL analyses(describing economic characteristics of the global motor vehicle industry, what are the driving forces in the global motor industry, what are the key success factors for a successful firm in the global motor vehicle industry?)
    2. Five forces analyses(how strong are the competitive forces confronting automobile manufacturers?)
    3. SWOT analysis (what are the internal strengths and weaknesses of Tesla Motors? Identify competencies and capabilities that the company’s major competitors are lacking. What market opportunities does the company have and what threats can you identify that may negatively impact the company’s future?)
    4. Financial Ratio Analyses [
What is your assessment of Tesla’s financial performance as shown in case Exhibit 1? Use the financial ratio information in Table 4.1 of Chapter 4 (pages 81–83) to assist you in calculating a revealing set of financial ratios and interpreting them. What is the conclusion we / you can draw from Tesla’s recent financial performance, can the company sustain the performance improvement it demonstrated in 2013 into the future?].
    5. Strategic Issues,you should rank / priorities the strategic issues confronting the company (high / low urgency versus high / low impact).
    6. Once again, Including the actual analyses of any framework is optional but if you wish to include it in your submission it should be included in an appendix (not counted in the word limit) and referred to in your main document as e.g. I suggest that the actual analyses
    7. Conclusion. Make sure you have answered the questions remember this is STRATEGIC Management and we are researching BUSINESS strategy and the focus of the case is the big debate for investors —which certainly can be argued both pro and con— whether Tesla can “pull it off” and be the disruptive catalyst for transforming the world’s automobile industry in the manner that Elon Musk envisions. This calls for thoughtful business judgment on the part of you and your class members as to what evidence to support your response you can present whether the company is or is not likely to be able to surmount all the hurdles it faces.
    8. Executive Summary.I recommend that once you are satisfied that you have effectively and concisely answered the case questions that you briefly summarize / integrate your analyses and a brief broad description of your recommendation to questions 7 and 8. Then cut and paste the Executive Summary on page one of your report. Remember this is not an essay but a concise and professional business analyses report. Marks will be awarded / deducted for presentation and grammar.
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