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Standard Format for a Business Brief in the MBA Program

Business Writing Style:  A business brief should be written using a “low-context” style of communication*. A business brief is direct (to-the-point) and presents relevant information to the reader. You want to avoid a conversational style of writing.


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* communications should be straightforward, concise, and efficient in telling what action is expected

Students in the MBA program are expected to adhere to the following when completing a business brief.

  1. 12-point Serif font (Times New Roman or Courier).
  2. Single-spaced within paragraphs; double-spaced between paragraphs.
  3. Paragraphs are to be left justified.
  4. 1-inch margins at the top, bottom, left, and right of every page.
  5. No title page.
  6. Place important points or details into lists. The paragraphs provide context for the lists.
  7. Phrasesnot to use in a business brief, unless, you have been asked/hired to specifically provide a recommendation:
    I think…
    · I believe…
    · I feel…
    · In my opinion,…
  8. Phrases to useor something similar in a business brief that are appropriate in any analytical discussion:
    The data shows…
    · Research studies point out…
    · The analysis indicates…
    · Studies demonstrate…
    · Forecast indicates…
  9. Complete sentences, correct grammar, correct spelling, and accurate punctuation is expected.
  10. Absence of typographical errors
  11. Citations within the body of the text follow APA format. Note: Citations are not always required. However, you must include a reference list so the reader knows from where you are deriving your information.
  12. Reference list (if necessary) starts on a new page and follows proper APA format.
  13. Images, graphs, charts, or other types of visuals are considered to be figures in APA format and must adhere to proper APA formatting.

Follow the business brief layout below:

Header: approximately 1/8 of the business brief

Opening, Context and Task: approximately 1/4 of the business brief

Summary, Discussion Segment: approximately 1/2 of the business brief

Closing Segment, Necessary Attachments: approximately 1/8 of the business brief……………………………….

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