Special Education needs

Children who have special education needs can be classified into three different needs. That is statement of Special educational, School action plan and School action needs. School action is when a pupil needs extra help which is different from what is provided by the current curriculum. School action plus is also where the school will have to get extra needs from outside specialists who may specifically focus on language, speech, psychology and the health of a pupil. When it comes to the statement, it means that the pupil has carried a particular test and the results may show that the pupil may need extra help. There is therefore a special document showing that the child needs more help than other students and the needs that they need can be provided for in the school that they are (Department for Education, 2011)
In England, there have been a segregated special education schools. According to the 1944 act, schools were to be separated according to the special needs of children with disabilities and those who were considered not to be special children in this special education were considered to be handicapped. This was known as the mainstream schooling.  Schools were meant to accommodate more students who required special needs (Milward & Dyson)
The various forms of Special needs Education have evolved over the years and have even become more complicated in terms of the policies made and the practical findings.


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