Slender man stabbing & theories

For this paper you will need to apply the criminological theories that we have covered in this class to a current crime issue.  Pick either a single recent notable crime [for example: the Slenderman stabbing].  Either choice should leave you with a wealth of information to write about.   You should take this [these] crime[s] and interpret the events through any of the criminological theories that we have covered this semester.  You may use and apply up to three theories in the paper.


Your understanding of the theories that you choose must be demonstrated through their application to the crime[s] that you are discussing.  You must explicitly state how the theory you have selected helps to explain or interpret the crime that you are analyzing.


I do not want four pages that only explain the details of the crime and the logic of the theory.  The bulk of the paper must be YOUR analysis of the crime through the lens of theories that you have selected.



The Formatting:

This paper must be typed in double-spaced, 12pt, Times New Roman font.  The paper should be four pages in length, not including cover page or bibliography.  You need to document any outside sources that you use in the bibliography.

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