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Sample Dissertation Proposal

Sample Dissertation Proposal

The perspectives of using online marketing research


The evolution of the internet is perhaps the most bewildering and comprehensive enhancement of information technologies that has been witnessed in the past decade. The internet has restructured the way people communicate, both on a personal and professional level. For instance, the social web has taken over Advertising, Marketing, promotion, Public Relations, Customer Service and novel conduits and tools.

Information obtained from this research will be significant in shaping the success of new online research products and services. Most online research consumers spring from the professional division; as a result, prices of quality online research tend to be a bit on the high side. This attracts the attention of companies to consumers in the personal or normal consumer segment. It is anticipated that online research should target both segments (professional and personal) with the price factor in mind and this research will determine whether this is a veritable fact or not (Chisnall 186).

1.0.           Research objectives

The following research objectives have been identified:

1.1.      To identify the right tools, methods and opportunities of marketing research online

1.2.         To explore the internal and external characteristics that online research consumers value when purchasing online research products and services.

1.3.      To investigate the psychology of online research consumers prior to purchasing the product or service as well as market features such as price.

1.4.         To determine what features make online research competitors perform well particularly for online services that are provided in various countries.

2.0.     The research question

A research question is critical in determining the type of information to be explored in the research. The development of the research question will be significantly guided by competition within the online research industry (Dillon 143). As noted, there are a myriad of companies offering online research products and services. Consequently, the nature of marketing online has changed significantly (Greene 27). Companies are now able to offer different products and services including:

  • Academic research,
  • consumer product research,
  • Advertising Testing and Recall,
  • Awareness and Usage,
  • Concept Tests,
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty surveys
  • Longitudinal Tracking,
  • New Product Tests,
  • Pricing,
  • Website Evaluation, e.t.c.

Since the Internet is a level playing field that allows everyone to leverage their strategic marketing endeavors in reaching an extensive, targeted audience, this makes online market to be highly competitive. Therefore, the research question will be derived from this perspective (Carroll 25).

3.0.         Methodology

A budget will be developed for both secondary and primary research. The research design will be both quantitative and qualitative (Johnson 20). Quantitative aspects will consists of the numerical aspects of the research such as price, while qualitative aspects of the research will aim at exploring consumer experiences particularly with regard to purchasing decisions (Granello 390). Data collection methods will include:

3.1.        Desk research

3.2.     Online surveys

3.3.     Personal interviews with frontline agents

4.0.         Quality levels

In order to ensure good quality levels within the research, findings will be correlated to other related research with an aim of establishing the relationship between them. This research will also take into account aspects of personal judgment (Strange 5). In addition, triangulation method will be used to ensure high quality levels within the research. This will where a series of methods will be used so as minimize bias related with the use of a single method. Three main methods will be used, these include; indepth interviews, desk research, and well-structured online questionnaires. The deficiencies of using one method will be minimized by the strength in another method (Patton 146).

5.0.         Resources

The research needs time and money; these are the most valuable resources for the research and should be budgeted in advance. The following section shows how time and finances.

Task Amount
Questionnaire & Interview Gifts (20 × $9)+ (40 × $6) = $420
Online questionnaire $400
Accommodation and meals $600
Staff Salary $ 600
Printing expenses (questionnaires and reports) $75
TOTAL $2095

6.0.      Research timetable

Time Research
Week 1 Designing of questionnaires and contacting websites
Week 2 Desk research, questionnaire completion
Week 3 Conducting in-depth and personal interviews
Week 4 Primary research on the internet
Week 5 Data collection of competitor information
Week 6 Data analysis and presentation
Week 7 Report writing

7.0.         Data analysis

The research will adopt a systematic approach in ensuring that the data collected is accurate. The process will involve; data collection, data immersion, data reduction, categorization, processing and finally data evaluation (Creswell 203).

8.0.     Conclusion

This is where the research will be combined, both qualitative and quantitative, so as to gain an insightful analysis of the relevant facts and figures in explaining market trends. Findings will be summarized and conclusions drawn in accordance with the research questions.

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Sample Dissertation Proposal


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