Presentation of the Rhetorical Triangle

Imagine you have been asked to prepare a presentation on the Rhetorical Triangle for the following group of students:

Audience: Fifty students who have neither seen the classroom materials nor read the readings for this unit.

Topics: The rhetorical triangle, the speaker, the audience, the topic/setting

Hint: Rhetorical Triangle: The dynamic relationship among the speaker, the audience, and the topic/setting is known as the Rhetorical Triangle. The rhetorical triangle is comprised of three primary elements: the speaker, the audience, and the topic/setting. The shape and form of the rhetorical act or presentation is driven by these three primary elements.

The Speaker: The actual individual speaking

The Audience: Who will actually be attending in addition to those who may not be present but will be influenced by or have access to the content of the presentation

The Topic/Setting: Remember that the setting includes both the physical place and the social/cultural backdrop of the content and presentation.

Create a simple 5-6-slide PowerPoint presentation that will relay the key points to to this audience.
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Please see response attached (also below), and attached power point presentation. Remember, though, my points are suggestions, so please go through the points to make sure they fit for you. Good luck and take care.


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The slides below are suggestions of what might be appropriate for this type of presentation. Please go through it and add, delete or make changes so it fits with your own understanding of what is expected of you for this assignment. I provided two diagrams that you might want to insert – I left that up to you. See the diagrams of the Rhetorical Triangle as well as Aristotle’s persuasion model diagram.

Slide One: Title: Communication: Rhetorical …

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