Policy Paper-Investment Company Act of 1940

  • Dynamic Cover Page
    • Title of Project
    • Class name, date, professor name, TA name, discussion section, etc
  • Table of Contents Page
  • Basics: 12-15 pages, appropriate subheadings, standard MS Word formatting, double-spaced,

Times New Roman 12-pt font, page numbers

  • Primary Contents (Subheadings)
    • Introduction – introduce your project’s main objective
      • Include the general plan of the document
    • History of the Act – why was the law necessary
      • Public policy prescription
        • Market failure or Government Failure
      • Trace its implementation
        • Act, Code, Agency, etc.
      • Impact on business and society
        • Demonstrate your knowledge from the course content – theories, models,

principles, etc.

  • Policy Analysis
  • Did it work?
  • What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • Recommendations for future policy makers
  • Appendix Pages (directly following main document)
  • Include the official Title page of the law indicating the following:
  • Congress number (Ex: One Hundred Seventh Congress…), An Act, Section 1:

Short Titles and Table of Contents (List of ‘Titles’)

  • References Page (at the very end of the paper following the appendices)
  • This is the bibliography (ten minimum quality references)
  • Academic journal articles, government documents/records, key books, official


  • Avoid media publications, material with no author, blogs, non-peer reviewed


comprehensive, high level critical analysis, strong bibliography & citation formatting,

manage the details, teach us something new

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