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Personal And Professional Development Portfolio Essay

Personal And Professional Development Portfolio Essay


I am Hardik Kumar Pandya and I came from Gujarat state which is located in western India. I have finished my bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore, India. I have got my NVQ level 3 in Health and social care from ATHE awarding body in UK. After I came to UK and worked in a retail industry for about 2 years, I have developed my mind to progress towards business and not just concentrating on health related subject. Since then I have decided to start with strategic management and leadership level 7 which leads to MBA. I have experience in physiotherapy as well social science but my dream is to be a businessman and thus concentrating on business opportunity and knowledge related to it.

Professional Development Portfolio Essay

In India, I do not have any business background in my family so I always wanted to do something related to sports science and social care so I have done physiotherapy. When I came to UK in 2007, I have witnessed widely open market, business opportunities which motivate me to progress in business world. India is one of the fastest developing nation and with the right knowledge to business, one can achieve the maximum success thus my future progress change towards business management.

What is PDP??

A process which increase and sustain students learning practice is personal development plan (PDP). PDP also has a mean of helping one to understand the progression based on the past experience and revision in professional manner. PDP mostly used to define goals and objective and how to achieve it. Use of available resources and at the right place is necessary to achieve the goals.

Below are some features of PDP.

Help individual to understand what has been taught and how to make other understand about that.

Discover the area needs development and work to improve it.

Knowledge improvements in the specific required area.

Use past experience for future plan

SMART Objective
Acquired and improve effective leadership skills

Develop positive attitude towards clients

Use the available resources to the maximum to fulfil the goals

Get the knowledge to help me reach towards my vision

Develop work ethics and adopt the organisation culture

Gain enough experience to achieve satisfactory results

Be a responsible and trustworthy person

Learning experience

I came to England in 2007 to learn about different businesses area and to get a better exposure of world trade and to gain enough knowledge to start my own business. My learning style and behaviour was mostly influenced by culture of India with limited knowledge and imagination. In India, I have never worked or had any exposure so all my learning came from theories and books. According to kolb (1984), there are four types of learners which are Concrete experience (CE), the Reflective Observer (RO), abstract Conceptualization (AC), and active experimentation (AE).

Experience of learning in UK and India has very different structure in a way of academic and practical. My education in India was all based on written competition and theory based with very minimal practical knowledge while in UK is totally different structure like is more practical, academic writings and research based. I like the UK type learning which is more real life experience and it’s all about putting tour theories into practice. Honey and Mumford says that, there are activist who learn by experience and practical, Pragmatists who learn by having a go at things, theorist who learn by theory and understanding the concepts and reflectors who learn by observing and reflecting on past experience.

(Mumford, 1996).

In addition, I would described myself as an activist as after I came to UK, I prefer doing things and learn about it rather than based on theory as I used to be when I was in India. I think things which I learn by practical have a long lasting impression on me and more chances of getting it right than to learn by theory. I would say my learning pattern has been change over the years after more exposure and more knowledge. I take learning is a life time process and as a human being, we learn something new every day as we grow up.


I motivate by my friends and family as I always wanted to do better than what they have done or doing. I sometime motivate by time as I always see myself as I am running out of time and I want to make the best out of the time I have and by using it to the maximum. I would described myself as a task driven in short term achievements as I have something to achieve now which will help me in a long term future.

I found reward is the best motivation in the business world such as pay rise, promotion and holidays. I had a pay rise at my last workplace which did motivate me to the maximum level to give my 100% effort to the particular organisation. According to porter and Lawler (1968), Employees behaviour can be control by using reward. Contents of the employee satisfaction is been laid out as an intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Intrinsic rewards which are straight related to job like identity at workplace and recognised the achievement. Extrinsic like rise in the payments and promote to higher place. (Needham, et al.1999)

I have seen at many places now the new way to motivates employee is to give the title of employee of the month or year to motivate them to do more at places like Costco (US base retailer). The other way of motivation I have witnessed is the day of to the employee on their birthday by TIMSON (UK based key chain store).


Leadership is the skill everyone has inside them but how to use it and how to shape it in a way to be the most effective becomes the successful leader. Leadership qualities like co-ordination, implementation, punctuality and equality has a great impression on me and I have developed it after I came to UK through group works, seminars and group presentation as a part of study. I think leaders are made and above qualities of the great leadership can be achieved by the experience and knowledge in the field which gives confidence to lead.

According to DuBrin (2009), Leadership style is the way that person behaves to persuade the employee to get the organisation goals. There is only two style of leadership which is autocratic and participative. Participative leader always take the group of employee in account before making decision. In this competitive world, Leader cannot answer for every question and this is why I think participative leadership is most effective in this world. Leadership can be rotated from person to person with most and related skills to achieve maximum result and success rate.


I am an introvert person and would prefer to keep a low profile. I am a good listener and do not make decisions based on assumption. I prefer to make decision backed by reason or theories or at list past experience. According to Jung typology test, I have gone through the process of checking my personality based on three main features which are public, hidden and blind (Marchington & Wilkson, 2005). The interesting findings are that some characteristic are heredity which are following from my family and with cultural influence like including adults while making any decisions. After coming to UK, I have learned to make decision based on situation and independently which are the culture locally and it proved good up to now. This independent decision making personality worked for me as I found the generation gap between me and my parent’s decision making ideas due to changing world.


My main strength is my family as they are always besides my and offer support wherever they can in terms of finance, motivation, social and emotional.

My knowledge is my other strength as I have studied in health and social care field as well business management which increase my confidence.

I am calm and soft spoken person and a very good listener which is very important in competitive world.

I am very punctual, organised, hardworking and produced the best result under pressure and during time limitation.

I had much training after coming to UK which helps to build my confidence and motivates me to progress.

Simplicity and truthfulness is one of my strength specially when working with group of experience people.


Introvert personality is my biggest weakness as I struggle to get involve in conversation and meetings. I always struggle in front of crowd like seminars and projects where I need improvements.

Decision making let me down some time so I think I need to improve my decision making as I started using past experience and expert advices before making important decisions now.

Writing skills – I still need to improve my writing skills as I used to write exams in India and the time has changed now and my skills need to improve with writing thesis and research papers.

Skills Achieved

In last 10 years of academic and professional progression, I have learned and gained enough skills and professionalism to start my own business plan. Skills are the weapon which can be used to achieve maximum advantage over competitive world. I have done course to improve my English when I came to UK as India have a different language and knowledge about the English culture as well. I have done many short courses and day courses as a part of my CPD (Continues professional development) to keep my knowledge refresh and up to date with this fast moving world. I am learning an extra language which is French apart from my national language of India (Hindi) and English.

Business plan

I have a business plan for my own business based on my experience and my area of expertise. I have used all my available resources and all my knowledge to start up this business in near future. I have a clear vision and a goal for this business. I am going to use the franchise to start my business as there is a chance of getting maximum help from professionals who are experience in particular business and ready to offer help at any stage. There is a start up cost for this which I have managed to get it from my financial resources including borrowing from the banks. I have a lot of help available from my family who have established businesses in UK and are aware of risk involves for a new entrepreneurs.

To start a franchise business cost more than non franchise business but have advantage to succeed than non franchise business. Franchise business are less presumption and more realistic. Franchiser provides all the relevant information and they became the main source of knowledge including the business plan. In this type of business, there are pre successful model used for the new franchise which will be more reliable in terms of success (Doerhoff et al, 2011)

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