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Performing Arts Subscription Models

The research was conducted to determine if performing arts subscriptions could be increased in quantity (are there more likely subscribers out there) if the payment model was changed to a monthly, recurring charge, instead of what most arts organizations offer: a once a year charge (some split payments into two or three).


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The data was collected over a three-week period using Amazon’s mTurk. The paper will have to discuss (and reference academic articles) about the validity of using mTurk. Respondents were paid 10 cents each for completing the survey. The paper will also have to discuss how the mTurk process works. Data was reported into Qualtrix. Descriptive statistic demonstrate that there would be an increase in sales using the monthly, recurring charge model (see attached statistic). Comparative statistic demonstrated nothing of significance.

I have included the original proposal (see: Subscriptions) as well as a number of references for the literature review. Please feel free to use any and all of these as well as any others you find. It is important they are largely from academic journals.

There is only one known nonprofit theatre company using both traditional and monthly payment methods (ACT) and an email interview is included.

The paper should follow a traditional academic research article format.

SOME THOUGHTS (These don’t necessarily have to be included, but can be):
Current changing patterns in arts attendance can’t be considered in a silo. They must considered in light of other changes in consumerism.

People with time and money: These are people who subscribe. They are largely retires whose children have moved out.

What was the old subscription model? How does it operate? How does it fit into the history of the arts? What research is there about arts subscriptions?

What is happening with arts attendance in America today? In decline. Do people have less time, less money, or both?

Supply and demand. Is there more or less supply?

Where is their money going?

The variable of price in the arts. How do people feel about price? What is “competition”? Expand on what “competition” is: include anything taking a monthly subscription fee. We think in terms of “other arts organizations” but should think in terms of “discretionary.”

New discretionary spending (last thirty years):
Lotteries (low cost, repeated payment) and casinos (high cost, single payment)
Internet, cable, cell phone, gaming, big box restaurants

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