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New York’s events

You are required to write a fieldwork research essay based on your international residential trip to New York. Students are to critically analyse an aspect of New York’s events provision with a view to providing recommendations for event tourism futures.


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You should undertake both primary and secondary research and as such, utilise both qualitative and quantitative data sources.


Module Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically evaluate the role of events provision within tourism typologies.
  2. Critically analyse the impact of events on event tourism futures.
  3. Critically analyse Event based tourism provision within tourism sector.


Grading Criteria (Edit in criteria to be used)

  • Students should critically evaluate the role of events within tourism typologies.
  • Students should critically analyse the impact of events on tourism in New York, and analyse Event based tourism provision within the tourism sector.
  • Students should develop the ability to use enquiry and problem solving techniques within a range of contexts.
  • Students should use the ability to use data to create information and knowledge and make critical judgements on these.
  • Develop the application of innovative and creative thinking to practical and theoretical challenges.




——-below it is all opinion from myself

research Methodology pitch presentation,introduction what research methods you will use in New York

Research methods :Research approach will help determine which are the most appropriate data collection methods; as well as your objectives.

Structured interview (questionnaire)

Semi-structured interview

Unstructured interview

Group interview

Focus group

Participant observation (or unstructured)

Non-participant observation (or structured)

Diaries / personal accounts or stories/recordings


Methodology:There are many ways to analyse data.

Quantitative data may be analysed using statistical techniques – these are known as descriptive; inferential; and associative.

Qualitative data (usually text from documents and speech) may be analysed using various forms of ‘thematic analysis’ and coding.

Analysing data also requires you to interpret your findings in the light of your literature and theoretical framework.

Assessment:Research should cover the following issues:

Actual and potential visitors to New York

Impact of tourism industry to New York

Any future issues/trends to consider

Any sustainable long-term event tourism strategy(ies)

Research aim lacked any real depth and linkage to event tourism, look for more involved theories rather than just focusing on 5P’s

About international tourist, not the local

Have not really though through what data you needed to collect

Need to establish what data you need and how you can measure/analyse your data

Arrange interviews before you go as short time in destination


My lecturer say need use Big data to analysis !!!


My opinion(maybe wrong):

You can choose sports tourism,or food festive tourism to attract international tourism to new york. (New_York_City_Tourism_A_Model_for_Success_NYC_and_Company_2013);

Use interview and data. Make graph. Analysis why international visitor come to new york

Analysis Impact of tourism industry to New York,Any future issues/trends to consider,Any sustainable long-term event tourism strategy(ies)

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