NATO & Globalization

NATO today is a strategic security and defense hub than can project both military and partnership power worldwide. Its mission is to protect the nations involved Treat, therefore provides security to North Americans and Europeans (French 2007: 87).

Now that Europe is “safe and free” what is the purpose of NATO? Should the alliance become the global security? An active global Partnership means cultivating ties with democracies over the world such as Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea South Africa. Perhaps the door should be open to all those wishing to join the global NATO in its strategic stabilization role. Therefore, NATO standards should extend to partnership and security, not just membership and the military (French 2007: 115).

Afghanistan and Iraq sit on the threshold between counter – terror, strategic stability and strategic coercion and consequently stretch the civil and military means of all alliance members.  The impact of this counter strategies are perhaps creating more war in which destructive technologies, intolerant societies, globalisation of commodities and communications creates threat which transcends beyond geography (French 2007: 117).

The Vietnam War was never controversial among NATO members, but the Americanisation of the war by introducing combat troops in 1965 was controversial as this was when the Americans sought troops from their NATO allies in support of the expansion of American involvement (Kitchen 2010: 42-43).

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