Nate & Alyssa (Gallant Publishing Company): approach to the negotiation process

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I believe the negotiation process they take may result in the information processing errors/based on cognitive biases that Alyssa and Nate, but not to sure why. In addition, feel there is a need to address any other situational issues you believe may exits. (e.g. are there other parties who might be playing a role in the situation?

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Information processing errors: But why?
The information processing errors emanate from the personalities of the two players Nate and Alyssa. Alyssa feels that she can bulldoze her way with Nate because of his sloppy demeanor, his new induction into the organization and his backing off in the previous negotiations. So, the information received by Alyssa is distorted. She feels that Nate is a pushover and she should demand and get the lion’ s share of the place in Nate’s office!
The information processing errors also take place when Nate evaluates the abrupt and almost insulting approach of Alyssa. She criticizes his schedules and timings even though she is not his superior; she criticizes him for e-mailing her and insinuating that he did not have the courage to meet him face to face. She assumes that her department is earning the money and presumes that the editorial is spending the hard earned money. That apart in her communications to her department she makes presupposes that the editorial staff is somewhat inferior in their position to the sales staff! All these are reasons why information processing errors may take place. For instance, in spite of Alyssa’s assumptions, Nate is no push over. He is using e-mail so that his responses are well thought out and well prepared. That apart he is avoiding a verbal encounter with Alyssa so that she does not get the opportunity to shout him down irrationally. In spite of the claims of Alyssa about sales being the only earning department, the fact remains that it is the editorial department that is producing the magazine. If the editorial department did not do its work, the sales would have nothing to sell. It is this attempt by Alyssa at intimidation that is the cause of information error. The truth is that these two are both essential departments of the company that are equally important and they should share the space in a manner that is amicable! Communication such as ‘they will insist on the …

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