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Management Research Topics List

Management Research Topics List

Management Research Topics List

  • Non-government organizations have been on the rise in the past. Discuss how multinationals can curb the threat that they pose to their management
  • Should entrepreneurships be encouraged by business stalwarts and their funding
  • Showcase a business plan that you would use to get a small business into an international market
  • The effects of corporate governance on internationalism
  • Analysis of the relationship between corporate financial outcome/performance and their degree of social responsibility
  • Compare and contrast the theoretical concepts that are associated with international politics in business
  • Discuss how international production can help small business groups to stand up independently
  • Discuss how the fiscal budget of the country can be trimmed down while still achieving the set goals
  • Discuss some common risks in international joint ventures
  • Discuss the challenges faced by entrepreneurs when their businesses go global
  • Discuss the effects of the merger between KLM and Air France
  • Discuss the key financial factors that are associated with venture capital investment
  • Effect of multinational corporations on local economies
  • What are the effects of organisational transition on employee commitment in large multinational companies?
  • What are the forms and causes of deviance in the organisation?
  • What are the main factors that affect employee retention at international call centres?
  • What are the most effective practices for working a unique Human Resource policy across multiple divisions of large diversified companies?
  • What is the relationship between the three components of commitment to organisational change and the perceived success of an organisational change?

Examples Of Business Research Topics

  • Are teamwork and humility becoming more valued in corporate leadership?
  • Does offering employee stock options help to improve the company’s profitability? Do employee stock options help a business to attract and retain a talented workforce?
  • Does outsourcing some of the office assistance of project management help a company become more profitable?
  • Explain how government – business relationships impact on the industrial sector
  • Explain how the 2008 financial meltdown would have been avoided
  • Explain some of the benefits of effective vendor management strategy
  • Globalization and its impact on business strategies
  • How can businesses make sure that they protect personally identifiable information that is processed online?
  • How can companies work on building a brand and a reputation with social media? Does social media make it easier to build a brand or harder?
  • How does a business fight negligence displayed by consumers toward their products
  • How does a business motivate its employees without investing surplus money
  • How does a company’s organizational culture impact the businesses innovation and employee creativity?
  • How does corporate practice increase the competitiveness and also enhances social condition
  • How does feedback policy impact the organizational culture change with respect to financial firm
  • How does having an account on renowned social networking sites influence a business
  • How does one manage employee commitment in the not-for-profit sector?
  • How does socio-cultural diversity affect Leadership in a company
  • How is regional strategic management operated in companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s?
  • How much does language matter when expanding an international corporation? Use examples like the naming of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in China or the failure of the Chevrolet Nova in Mexico.
  • How much investment is too much for a company concerning its employees
  • How multicultural backgrounds support international business
  • How national cultures affect organisational cultures and the impact of this on the performance of businesses in different countries?

International Business Dissertation Examples

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  • Integrity in business and how it is governed by the type of language both employers and employees use to communicate
  • Is it fair to require environmental and safety regulations from corporations when many countries around the world do not have to deal with them? Does this situation make first world nations less competitive?
  • Is it possible to prevent monopolies and unfair practices? Look at the case of Microsoft and similar businesses to make a case.
  • Is there a relationship between the profitability of a company and its corporate social responsibility?
  • Should large corporations be allowed to seek a profit regardless of the consequence that it has on society?
  • The impact of customer perception on customer loyalty with regards to corporate social responsibility
  • The importance of motivational strategies embraced by companies: are they effective or just plain simple orientation programs for the employees?
  • Using models of Strategic Human Resource Management assess and appraise how BAE Systems is achieving strategy through effective people management practices.
  • Ways in which a business manages employee commitment in the non-profit organizations
  • What are the bases of employee commitment in terms of affective, normative and calculative commitment?
  • What is the effect that globalization has had on United States corporations?
  • Management Research Topics List
  • Management Research Topics List

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