LP Model

Jones Furniture Company produces beds and desks for college students. The production process requires carpentry and varnishing. Each bed requires 6 hours of carpentry and 4 hours of varnishing. Each desk requires 4 hours of carpentry and 8 hours of varnishing. There are 36 hours of carpentry time and 40 hours of varnishing time available. Beds generate $30 of profit and desks generate $40 of profit. Demand for desks is limited so at most 8 will be produced.

Formulate the LP model for this problem (including: decision objectives, objective function and constraints).

Please see attachment for table and complete list of questions.
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Decision variables
B= No of beds produced and
D=no of desks produced

Objective function Maximize (Profit) = 30B+40D

Subject to …

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