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Kristen Cookie’s (getting into the pizza business): Draw a process flow chart and under each activity identify the resource and the activity time.

Kristen Cookie’s (“KC”, essentially you and your roommate) are contemplating to transfer their cookie business and enter to high-end pizza market. You would buy a new oven dedicated to the new pizza division, which would be staffed only by the two of you. The pizza business strategy would be similar to the original cookie strategy: to provide 100% fresh, high quality pizza on a timely basis.


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Similar to the cookie process, your roommate would take orders over the phone; which you estimate would take about one minute. Orders would specify the type of pizza: thin crust versus deep dish, and a variety of fillings and toppings. Once the order is received, you would measure and mix the ingredients for the crust (flour, water, spices, etc.) in about five minutes and then you would spoon the dough onto a pizza tray, which would take you another minute. Meanwhile, your roommate would pick the order-specific filling and toppings (three minutes) and clean and hash them (2 minutes). You would then pour the filling onto the dough and spread the toppings on the top (2 minutes), load and set the oven-timer (one minute). The actual baking would take about 8 min. During the next minute, your roommate would unload the oven and put the pizza in a box. You would finish the process by accepting payment and handing over the fresh, warm pizza to your customer

a) Draw a process flow chart. Under each activity identify the resource and the activity time?

b) What is the theoretical capacity of the pizza process?

c) Preferring higher revenues and equitable task assignments, you suggest cross-training your workers (i.e., both you and your roommate can perform all “human” activities). What is the new capacity of pizza process with this cross-trained labor force?
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a)Please refer to the attached process flow chart:
The first item in every box is the activity name, the second is the resource that is you or roommate and the third item is the activity time.

b) The theoretical capacity of the pizza process is calculated by first finding out the time of the critical path. This is 20 minutes, so every hour three pizza can be produced and in an eight hour day a total of …

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