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International Tourism Management

Contributes towards: MSc International Tourism Management; MSc Events Management; MSc Events Management (Sports); MSc Events Management (Conferences and Exhibitions); MSc Events Management (Arts and Cultural Events)


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Aim of module

This module will enable students to practice and demonstrate the skills and knowledge that they have acquired in the taught modules of this Masters degree. The module provides the opportunity for students to further develop their evaluative and critical enquiry skills through analysis and synthesis of complex material. It also enables students to develop skills in planning and managing a substantial analytical investigation in a topic area of their choice or through undertaking an agreed work-based project.

The module provides students with the opportunity to undertake a substantial empirical enquiry into, and evaluation of, an Events or Tourism topic of their choice. Students may choose to:

research an issue of academic, management or policy relevance in the subject fields of Events or Tourism, or to undertake a significant work-based project or intervention, whether in their own or another organisation(s).

In each case, students will be able to apply knowledge gained during their studies and to answer questions that have emerged from the preceding modules. They will also develop, explore and synthesise these in a major piece of independent enquiry which may be organisation-based. The enquiry and evaluation will be reported through the submission of a dissertation or report equivalent to 15,000 – 18,000 words.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of their chosen Events or Tourism subject matter, or the complex work-based context, that is the focus of their dissertation/report
  • demonstrate appreciation of research philosophies, strategies and methodologies in relation to investigation of their chosen topic or work-based project
  • critically evaluate academic literature, sources, arguments and interpretations, assessing their relevance to the issue in question and forming judgements on the basis of evidence collected
  • appreciate relevant ethical issues in social scientific and organisational enquiry, including those influencing the design of their research/project and the dissemination and implementation of the findings from their enquiry
  • design an appropriate research strategy and approach to the gathering and interpretation of data for the investigation of a relevant academic topic or aspect of workplace practice in Events or Tourism
  • synthesise information from a variety of relevant sources to draw informed and well-supported conclusions
  • make use of academic perspectives, as well as primary research findings, to make recommendations that may have practical application in a workplace where relevant
  • make discriminating use of a range of information sources, identifying and acknowledging appropriate material that can be used to inform their own research or work-based project;
  • Communicate ideas, information and arguments in a clear, organised, and well presented dissertation/project report


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