Instructions for finance project Company: GOOGLE

  • it is a finance group project involving a comparison of googles ratios and yahoo’s. Also a comparison of their horizontal and vertical profit and loss account and balance sheet. all should be calculated for yahoo while i will upload for google which my group members did. in this comparison a discussion of the performances of the companies should be done. An evaluation of the cost and benefits of the balance score card and ratio analysis should also be done . it is for 800 words and i need all the calculations shown in the appendix section I shall forward the vertical and horizontal analysis profit and loss and balance sheet calculated by my group. This should also used for the comparison between Google and yahoo
  • The writer should make a Comparison with industry average figures as available. I shall forward you the ratios already calculated by my group partner. The writer should calculate the same ratios for yahoo, as industry figures aren’t available; explain the ratios their relevance and their impact to the company using real life scenarios.
  • The ratios to be calculated are: liquidity, solvency, working capital management, profitability and asset efficiency


  • The second part involves a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the ratio analysis and balance score card


  • The full calculations should be shown for everything but put in appendix, however the interpretations should be put in the actual text.


  • It is for 800 words , Harvard referencing style .
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