Further Organic Chemistry

  • All contributions taken from other reading and research must be referenced, acknowledged and attributed accurately via Harvard referencing.
  • A bibliography listing all sources used in the assignment must be attached.
  • The word count must be added at the end of the each Tutor Assessment Question (TAQ). (Note: the overall word count limit is 2500 words).
  • It is suggested that diagrams are hand drawn and scanned, before added to the assignment, although other means can be utilised.

Word count / Referencing:

The word count takes into account everything in the main body of the text. This includes quotations, citations, headings and tables. However, the word count does not include the title, footnotes, any appendices, reference list or bibliography. You must remain within the word count range.

However, if the assessment contains a table or a diagram that you have been asked to complete, the words that are already in the table or diagram are not counted in the word count.

When referencing, always reference and to do so after each TAQ. Your references should follow the Harvard system. Any TAQ with a word count of less than 200 words does not need to be referenced.

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