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Food Waste

Research Proposal Type: Report


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Challenge topic scenario : Food Waste
Australians waste four million tonnes of food each year. The Department of Environment has identified this as a key environmental issue. As a part of developing an integrated strategy, the Department is interested in influencing the behaviour of consumers to prevent avoidable food waste. The Department of Environment has asked you to investigate what factors influence consumer’s level of food wastage.

Decision maker: Australian Government Department of Environment
Management problem – Australian food waste. How to reduce, prevent and influence consumer’s level of food waste

Literature search on the area ( Australia, QLD)

Part A – Research Proposal ( marketing document, keep readers interested) 2000
direction is given as follow. Or refer to the attached guideline up to slid 15.

1. Situation analysis
Provide overview of current situation and speaks to the final outcomes the company would like to achieve
Convince the client that you understand their situation and outline a plan
Background information about the firm and the situation
Signal reader that you have a clearly defined problem that is important and worth pursuing
Problem statement
Specific info about the problem and demonstrate the first two levels of the question hierarchy
Management questions (use exploratory research – action oriented, represents decision that manager must take and is the problem prompting the research. Observe symptoms and define research problem
• Why is info being sought
• Can the question really be answered
• Does the info already exist
Research questions – restate management question, info to answer the research problem. Specific and unambiguous
Importance and benefits of the study
Clear statement of the importance of the study and the benefits that would be gained if the study were conducted. (specific benefits and possible broader outcomes)
Economic benefits
New insights
Superior effectiveness
Quality and innovation
Stress importance of the study

2. Literature review
Theoretical perspectives authors have used in the past
Conceptual definitions of the variables of the interest
Support for hypothesis or contradictory evidence
Descriptive, explanatory, exploratory studies

3. Reference list 10-20

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