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FMC: Will work groups and teams work at Green River?

Will work groups and teams work at Green River? Why or why not?


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What are the differences in leadership at both facilities? How will changes at Green River need to be implemented to match leadership skills?

How does the communication process differ between Green River and Aberdeen? Could Green River effectively use the unique communication process adopted by Aberdeen?
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To an extent, teams may be given autonomy at Green River. Participative trust and self-directed teams will work at Green River. Even though it would be possible to give a lot of authority to the teams, it would be necessary to have supervisors and foremen at Green Valley. This is a much newer facility and needs direction. At Aberdeen teams ranging in size from 3 to 16 managed virtually every aspect of the plant’s work and reporting. Teams scheduled work hours, purchased materials and tools, planned work schedules, coordinated with other teams, evaluated team members’ performance, recommended salary increases, generated reports, and dealt with virtually every problem that arose in the running of the plant. This may not work at Green River. There is a need for a strong culture, where workers are motivated. This is prevalent in Aberdeen because of historical reasons and the strong culture in the organization. The teams allowed extreme flexibility in working hours, this may be given to employees in Green River no doubt but there will be a more systematic set of rules, especially when mothers had to be accommodated. An additional reward system to the teams was important for the cohesiveness of the team in Aberdeen. These reward systems may be tried in Green River. To build team cohesion, the company organized games at Aberdeen. This is easily replicable in Green River.

We recommend, that the proposal for the introduction of the new terms should first be communicated to the employees and that they should be encouraged to negotiate with the unions to allow the company to introduce the new rules. The point is that even though the employees may be enthusiastic about the Aberdeen model the culture and the union may not allow the introduction of the Aberdeen model.

It is not likely that Green River will have the model of Aberdeen in its factory. This is because the union is not likely to accept the terms of the Aberdeen model. Second, the plant at Green River is much older than the plant at Aberdeen and as such the organization culture will be much different from that in Aberdeen. Third, the story of Lancaster that is well known and revered in Aberdeen is not so well …

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