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The Five Methods of Psychological Research

The Five Methods of Psychological Research

In order to find the treasure, we will need to learn about the methods of psychological research. Welcome to Psychology Island!

1. Naturalist Observation
2. Survey Method
3. Case Study
4. Correlational Design
5. Experimental Method

There are five types of psychological research methods. The subjects are carefully researched in their natural environment without interference by the researchers

While doing this, researchers should be inconspicuous, or for those of a lower reading level, unnoticed. Naturalist Observation Questioning a large group about their attitudes, beliefs, etc. Survey Method Pros and Cons Naturalist Observation Pros Pros and Cons of Survey Method Pros Subject acts normal Cons Time consuming
No control in the environment
The researcher may not be completely unobtrusive Cons Quick
Efficient May be bias
No in-depth knowledge
Person may be lying Case Study Obtaining detailed information about an individual to develop general principles about behavior Case Study Pros and Cons Pros Cons Helpful for learning as much information as possible
Useful in studying rare disorders or circumstances
Require a lot of time
A lot of effort
A lot of attention to detail Correlational Design Measuring the relation between two variables Correlational Design Pros and Cons Pros Cons Easy way to compare two variables Can be deceiving
May not be the only two variables
We do not know the direction of influence
Experimental Method A study in which the investigator manipulates (at least) one variable while measuring (at least) one other variable. Experimental Method Pros and Cons Pros Cons The researcher can control the situation and various variables There may be no change at all during the experiment

The Five Methods of Psychological Research

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