Family Health Assessment Example

Family Health Assessment Example

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Sample Family Assessment Essay Paper


The Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns Assessment is an extremely essential tool for evaluating and examining a family’s established patterns of health, offering a care provider an in-depth and inside look of the overall health of a particular family.

The following article examines the health habits and ways of functioning of the George’s family, which consists of a father who is 53 years old, a mother 50, and three children, consisting of children aged between 23, 21, and 17 years old. The Gordon’s 11 functional health assessment will be conducted by asking several open-ended questions based on various categories.

The Georges are a typical family with a father, mother and three children. Just like any other family, this family has its own beliefs and values, in addition to some chaotic health behaviours, which can be problematic in the future, especially for the mother. Family Health Assessment Example

After evaluating this family, it is evident that the members of this family care about each other deeply.

This family has established a norm of not seeking medical help, or assistance unless in emergency situations, but has an annual follow-up with their primary healthcare provider.

Family Health Assessment Essay

The Georges’ do not possess a set of regimen for physical activities for its members, and one family member in particular, the mother, is left out of the family physical activities because of work related responsibilities despite the fact that she suffers from obesity, borderline hypertension and high cholesterol levels.

The family nutrition level is low, and it suffers because of the mother’s stretched out schedule. As the family’s sole provider, it is hard to find time to cook amidst all requisite chores. Therefore, the family enjoys take-out meals almost on a daily basis with the money she offers for that purpose. Family Health Assessment Example

It is becoming extremely difficult to follow a healthy eating system for this family, who seldom eat together except on holiday, or even have any breakfast. This bad eating habit places the family at a nutrition risk, because the family experiences deficiencies in nutrients and vitamins.

Family Health Assessment Example
Family Health Assessment Example

The family also fails to monitor their fat contents of their meals. The George’s family takes in lots of water, but not enough to sustain their basic metabolic requirements (Gordon, 2010). Each member of the George’s family has their own drinking habits, the father and mother enjoy drinking water while the children enjoy drinking juice.

Although, mother enjoys consuming water, she elucidates that most of the time, she is busy, and therefore, she does not have a chance to take adequate quantities of water, as recommended by health standards, which has in some instances, resulted in irritable bowels and constipation.

Although, George’s family has unhealthy eating habits, but high fibre breads and salads are offered to help ease bowel elimination, but most salads are wasted, therefore, some members of the family suffer from bloating and constipation. Family Health Assessment Example

Although, mother does not take adequate amount of water, she encourages intake of water. Her strained schedule makes her not to practice what she preaches. Physical activities are sparingly practiced in the George’s family, every member of the family does a little bit of physical exercises, except for the mother who do not conduct physical exercises due to excessive demand of her job.

The George’s family is highly sociable, it ensures that all members of the family can communicate and establish constructive relationships with everyone around them (Gordon, 2010). All members of the family have strong bonds and communicate with each other well, and respect each other opinions and views.

The family conducts annual check-up for the human senses that are eye, sight, and hearing. Acne is highly discouraged because of its effect of children’s self-esteem. Children who have Acne undergo regular medical check-up to ensure that it is adequately controlled. Family Health Assessment Example

The George’s family, mother and father, sleeping patterns are irregular and highly disturbed. Their highly demanding work schedules sometimes causes them to work for long extended periods, extending to the night. The mother is always tired due to lack of adequate sleep.

The youngest child has a pre-determined sleeping time while the two other children have no sleeping schedules.

The family has no problems with insomnia and does not believe in sleeping aids. The mother feels overwhelmed with too many responsibilities, with a little help from the father. Father is assisting as much as he can, but he conducts much of the household responsibilities. Family Health Assessment Example

The girl of the family help father with household responsibilities and chores, but the other two male children do not help with household responsibilities. The male children believe that there are only responsible for their school work.

The mother is the sole provider in the family, and the family cannot cope without her. The father (and husband) was retrenched from formal employment, and is deeply depressed. He works part-time, but his income is used to provide child support for his other children.

His children see themselves as dependants of this family, who are not financially responsible (Gordon, 2010). The Georges are open-minded, and parents discuss with their children about all the do’s and do not about self-protection, sex, sexual diseases, and legal issues surrounding inappropriate sexual behaviours.

The family advocates for the use of protection during sexual intercourse but encourages abstinence. As for stress coping mechanism, the family has dealt with stress based on the mother’s capability to handle them. All stressful scenarios the children face are referred to her, and in most instances, are resolved by her (Gordon, 2010).

Therefore, most family members look upon the mother to assist in most family conflicts. The mother is an ardent believer in God and copes with stress through prayers. Moreover, she believes that God is the answer to everything.

The George’s family is Christian by Faith and follow the Protestants as a denomination. They worship on Sundays, and fast and pray regularly.  Family Health Assessment Example

For the George’s family, numerous health risks issues have been acknowledged, particularly with the mother. Possible health issues relating to physical exercise and poor diet, lack of adequate sleep and rest, often results in a breakdown in operations within the family, since the mother is the main provider and source of solutions to most family member’s problems. If she breaks down, everything collapses.

The appropriate Nursing Diagnosis for George’s family should focus on the nutrition and health of the whole family. Nursing diagnosis in readiness for improved nutritional metabolic patterns should be conducted.

The George’s family should work together to prepare homemade meals at least three to four times weekly which will ensure that they make healthier choices when shopping. Family Health Assessment Example

They should have an established routine of meal preparation for the next three months. In particular, the mother should allocate time each week for specialized self-care (Gordon, 2010). This will involve physical exercises at least twice a week. The family should create fun and participatory activities that involve the mother during weekends.


The health assessment of the George’s family permitted for a holistic assessment of their belief system, wellbeing level, and health practices of the family, as well as presented a chance for the care offered to better help the family in attaining a higher standard of living while helping them plan for attainable goals for wellness and health for all members of the family. Family Health Assessment Example

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Family Health Assessment Example
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