Effectiveness of Probiotics in reduce the incidence of antibiotic associated diarrhea

Statistical Analysis
For this week’s Dropbox assignment, you will begin to develop Part 5 of your project proposal: Analyzing change. In your discussion, include the following points:
State your clinical question.
Briefly state the intervention you will implement. While these two items are not typically included in Part 5, doing so will help orient faculty so appropriate feedback can be provided.
What outcomes will be analyzed and how they will be analyzed?
Describe the statistical analysis you will do relating this to the data collection tools you plan to use.
Indicate the types of demographic data you plan to report on your participants as well.
Briefly discuss the outcomes expected should this project be implemented.
After receiving feedback from faculty, incorporate the appropriate content into your project proposal.


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By Sunday, May 22, 2016, post your letter to the W8: Assignment 2 Dropbox for faculty feedback.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
States clinical question and describes clinical intervention 5
Describes statistical analysis chosen 15
Relates statistical analysis to method of data collection 20
Used current APA style guidelines consistently and accurately. 10
Total: 50

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