Diversity Issues

We have read about diversity issues and management issues. Racial issues are something everyone in policing must address.  Recent events in Ferguson and other towns remind us that this issue has not been resolved.

Use the concepts discussed in the textbook and lectures, as well as outside sources, to develop your responses to this case study.


You are the police chief in a medium size city. The city is comprised of mostly white citizens but is diverse and also has large African American, Hispanic and Muslim communities. Your overriding goal is to have harmony and for people of all races to get along. You also want the community to respect and work cooperatively with your police officers, but you have encountered some issues that need your attention. There have been complaints from some of the African American and Hispanic citizens that they receive harsher treatment than other people. They specifically claim they get pulled over more often than whites for traffic violations.


Some of the Muslim citizens claim that since 9/11 they have been treated more harshly and the police go out of their way to harass them. Conversely, the police union has complained that every time an officer pulls over a minority there is an allegation of discrimination and that you as the Chief don’t support your officers as you should.


How would you solve this problem?  Cite your sources.
Please use spell check and proofread your response so your posting is reflective of graduate level work.



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