Decorative Element in Malay Traditional Architecture

Decorative Elements(DE)are part of the main elements of Malay Traditional Architecture(MTA),which is complementary to the Malay identity. MTA is equipped with DE such as the King’s Palace, Mosque, house of government leader and religious teachers, as well as traders. According to Ten as Effendy (2010),  It was held as a bond between society and forms the root of teaching media in social life with in the Malay world. Beside it beauty and exceptional quality symbolize a high meaning in Malay Culture.

Architecturally, the decorative elements are considered as additional to the basic architectural members. Whereas the architecture element  or component was divided by two. It is structural  and nonstructural, Chudley & Greeno (2003). There are various elements introduced to emphasize the basic form decoratively. According to Sabrizaa (2007)[i]in his thesis on  east coast style architecture have found nineteen (19) aesthetical elements identified in the Traditional Malay architecture and proved that the ornamentation together with the aesthetical elements of the traditional Malay architecture was strongly related to the Malay thoughts and culture. A.Halim (1987.p111) in his book title;Traditional Malay Wood Carving, have listed thirty one (31)carvedportray onstructure and nonstructural  based on Minangkabau building in Negeri Sembilan.

[i]SeeMohd Sabrizaa Abdul Rashid and Sufian Che Amat,  Title: THE TRADITIONAL MALAY ARCHITECTURE BETWEEN AESTHETIC AND SYMBOLISM ,Proceeding of The Seminar, Intellectual Property And Heritage Issues In The Built Environment,20-21 July 2009 pp107-111,

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