DBM 380 Assignment Database Selection

Write a 700- to 1,050-word informal paper using Microsoft® Word in which you address the following:

Accurately definethe terms "database system" and "relational database architecture".
In your Learning Team next week, you will have a defined application for a database that you will construct together, but this week, think about what you personally could use a database for in your personal life. Choose a subject from your work/home/hobby that requires the keeping of multiple records; e.g., music collections, sales records, inventory. You will not be creating this database in this course, but will use the idea this week to practice the skills required to take an idea into the planning of a database.
    Completelydefine the objectives for the database application that would provide a solution for your record keeping requirements.
    List the data specifications (must include a minimum of three entities with attributes).
    List at least two constraints and assumptions for your solution.
    Describe at least two basic database functions that a spreadsheet cannot perform.
    Accuratelyexplain why a relational database management system would offer the most robust solution for your requirements.

Include two or three references.

Format your paper and citations using APA format.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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