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Contemporary Issues Exploration: What’s Trending in our Field?

Contemporary issues are issues that are being discussed, debated, and/or studied during the present. In our field, these issues often have historical significance and are influenced by politics & money.


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Being versed in the contemporary issues in our field of education affords us the opportunity to best engage in conversations & research to ensure we are making decisions on behalf of our students that are grounded in best practice versus making decisions based on what is popular or what worked for us when we were students.  To that end, consider the following:

“How do you keep up on contemporary issues of import in our field?”

“What would you say are the three most important contemporary issues in today’s schools?”

With this assignment, you are responsible for procuring a resource (article, blog post, video) in relation to a contemporary issue(s) in our schools. In selecting your resource, (Plz do not use any universities library resources) I encourage you to think about a topic you’ve viewed/heard discussed in the media. Or, perhaps there is a contemporary issue in education that you’ve discussed with friends and/or family and you would like to learn more about this issue.

Once you settle on your resource you will generate a one-page document that includes the following.

  • Title of your Contemporary Issue resource
  • A reference for your resource written in APA.

  • A brief summary of the resource you procured (i.e., one-two paragraphs). Write your summary as if you are writing to someone unfamiliar with your topic as well as the field of education.
  • A rationale as to why this topic ‘matters’ in relation to the learning of our students (i.e., one-two paragraphs).
  • Include a brief introduction and a brief conclusion.

Your document should be visually appealing and one whereas if posted on a school bulletin board it would invite interest.Your audience for this document includes the parents and families of your students as well as community members involved in your school community.

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