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completed data analysis document

For the submission of your assignment, the completed data analysis document is to be
Task 2: The Memorandum (10 marks)


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Prepare a memorandum answering Charlie’s questions, providing essential information and conclusions. It is important to note that the memorandum is not a detailed research report. Thus, you should be able to convey your conclusions in about 4-5 pages (max).
Keep the English simple and the explanations brief.
Your answers should be based on the analysis. However, in your memo you must not refer explicitly to the DataAnalysis part of the submission. This analysis is kept by you for future reference and will not be seen by Charlie. If you feel it may help your explanation, you may include some suitable tables in the memo, but do not include any charts in the memorandum except for a bar chart and or pie chart if appropriate.
When writing your memo answer the questions in the same order as they are asked in the memo to you. Number your answers.
As a professional business person, the accuracy and readability of your business communications are of utmost importance to your career. With this in mind you will be assessed on your ability to interpret your analysis correctly and on your ability to convey your conclusions in simple, clear language. Marks will be deducted for any inconsistencies between your analysis and your memo.
When writing up the memorandum try not to write too much or too little.
You must decide the right balance. In summary, your memorandum must be:
ahighly readable, understandable,plain languagedocument
it must beuseful, accurate, andinformative
it mustaddress all questions raised in the originating memo
There is no need to make any recommendations in the memo unless you are specifically asked to do so.
Refrain from expressing your opinions about your analysis, simply relate
the information as determined by the analysis.
Let the statistics and or parameters speak for themselves.

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