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Comparing styles of an original and a re-make of Ocean’s Eleven (1960), Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

  1. A single synopsis of the story shared by the two films, with similarities and differences of the two versions. Be sure to name the director, the studio, stars, and the production year for each film.

    2. A comparison of the overall style of the two films. Include elements of mise-en-scene (cinematography, lighting, editing, art direction, costumes & music), as well as the different acting styles, locations, different themes emphasized, and any changes in the story.


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    3. A visual description of one key parallel scene from the two films based on aesthetic and technical terms learned in this course. Be sure to highlight how the technical differences between the two scenes impacted the emotional experience of the scene.

    4. Address what American society/politics/culture was like during the different eras these films were made and how these impacted the story and themes in the film.

    5. In your concluding paragraph, summarize your key points and the evolution of the Hollywood style.

    Your paper should also include the following structural elements:

    1. Your name
    2. A title that will catch the reader’s attention and tell him/her a bit about what to expect in your paper
    3. A well-structured introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement (the main point you will argue in the body of your paper) – see #1 above
    4. Three well-developed paragraphs – see #s 2-4 above
    5. A concluding paragraph – #5 above

    Your paper must have at least three scholarly research references in your Works Cited list (books, which can include one or both of the two textbooks; the American Cinema video programs; journal articles; websites that include information specific to your films, to American history or film history), which are either parenthetically cited (MLA-style citations) or footnoted (another citation style you have used in the past). If you cite, you will need to cite an extra source, as IMDB is not a scholarly reference. Do NOT cite Wikipedia.

    You are required to cite as references the two films you watched. Thus, at minimum, you paper will have at least five sources (three scholarly sources, two films).
    A simple and foolproof way to do citations:

    How to cite films:

    Producer: Firstname Lastname, Title of Work, Format, Director: Firstname Lastname, Stars: Firstname Lastname (Original release year; City: Studio/Distributor, Video release year.), Medium.

    To cite texts:

    Title, author, edition, year published, page numbers


    Link to the specific page, title of article, author, date of article – or publication

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