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Chapter 6 Application Response

Chapter 6 Application Response


Gina is suffering from Bipolar disorder. This mood disorder is defined by alternating episodes of mood changes swinging from mania (hyperactivity) to depression. Bipolar is a major psychotic disorder besides schizophrenia. Most Bipolar patients live a normal life since the disorder is easy to control.


Gina’s clinical history demonstrates manic episodes in various ways. First, she is very aggressive in her acting hobby and is envied by the peers. Second, she experiences delusions of grandiosity as illustrated by her belief that she is the best actress. On the other hand, the patient becomes very talkative and her speech has flight of ideas and sounds to be under pressure to speak.


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She is also noted to have loosening of association hence it becomes hard to communicate with others. Gina’s sexual drive gets out of control leading her to dangerous multi-sexual relations. Moreover, the patient becomes paranoid in that she feels that her close associates have evil plots against her. Generally, those around her notice an abnormally escalated behavior. Chapter 6 Application Response

The depression episode later sets in. Gina’s life takes a low course whereby all her energy and enthusiasm is lost. She withdrawals from her daily activities, losses appetite, experiences sleep disturbances, feels very sad and the high libido fades away. In addition, she gets suicidal ideation. During this episode the patient is exactly the opposite of self in the manic episode.

Correct diagnosis and treatment of bipolar enables the patient to live a normal life. Gina was not compliant to her medications and for this reason she gets relapses. Failure to control this affective disorder by biological and psychosocial approaches can ruin the patient’s life and progress to a more severe level of the disorder. Nonetheless, Bipolar disorder control is well established hence the disorder is compatible with normal living.

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Chapter 6 Application Response
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