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Case Study Sergeant Louis Lou Maynard

Case Study Sergeant Louis Lou Maynard

There has been constant criticism of the traditional police management style on the basis that it is inadequate in controlling police activities and in providing efficient and suitable service. There is an emphasis and need to replace the traditional system to foster services delivery efficiency. The replacement will consider a management style that disregards punishment as a way to correcting behavior.

Case Study Sergeant Louis Lou Maynard
Case Study Sergeant Louis Lou Maynard

This reasoning has resulted to a community oriented policing philosophy and problem centered policing programs. In this paper, I will analyze a case of a sergeant who is in charge of a team and some veteran officers, heading to retirement, and have lost motivation.

It is evident that the two officers are not motivated enough and their actions clearly depict a lack of drive to perform their duties. By so doing, they are putting in danger the collective effectiveness of the department and the officers in the team. Case Study Sergeant Louis Lou Maynard

It is my duty as their immediate supervisor to ensure that the efficiency and effectiveness of the team under my watch is not compromised. I acknowledge that it is rather difficult to handle members that are lacking in motivation but I have a duty to come with strategies that would ensure the two officers regain their morale and perform to full efficiency.

It is clear that in this case, the usual incentives that get the officers to go beyond to perform optimally like more money, promotions and opportunities for growth no longer apply.

Besides, it is imperative that as the supervisor, I understand the causes of these lapses. I would seek to know if it is related to the current rise in crime or it is a case of “retired on duty.”

Waiting for the officers to retire for me will not be an option because every time the officers are on duty and there are lapses, it puts the entire department at risk.

I will take the initiative to find out the root cause of the problem by inviting them to coffee before their shift. I believe that getting involved in the field with them will help me understand their grievances. The idea is trying to be innovative and active in understanding the plight of senior officers and using the findings to create a family where every member of the team is valued but responsible at the same time. Case Study Sergeant Louis Lou Maynard

The first thing that I will carry out is self-examination if I have been involved in contributing towards the problem. I will honestly examine my beliefs and that of the team towards older officers. My attitude as the supervisor could be a potential reason why the officers are not performing at their optimum.

In addition to self-examination, I will verbally acknowledge their experience. It is important that there is genuine respect for officers in a team especially the older ones. It is also vital that I ask their input and the in the process I will be valuing their experience and that I would like to benefit from their wide knowledge.

I would also further take advantage of their experience by using them as mentors. One of the ideas is to pair them with younger officers.  While this strategy may have some hiccups as the generational difference means a different work ethics as well as testing relationship boundaries, the advantages outweigh the negatives. I believe the veteran officers know a thing about hard work, loyalty and discipline which will benefit the younger officers. Mentoring will help me achieve in two ways. Case Study Sergeant Louis Lou Maynard

The older police officer will equally learn from the younger officer’s open-mindedness, risk-taking among other things. Besides, when the veteran officers mentor the young rookies, they engage and involve with a resultant increase in performance and productivity.

The final aspect that I will try to employ is appealing to their pride. I will discuss with them about the opportunity to retire and go out with a legacy.  I will clearly offer the officer two options. One is coasting to retirement and the second is for them to make the remaining one year the best year by being role models and leave behind a legacy when they retire. I will discuss with them what they will leave behind that they would be proud of.

I will further paint a verbal picture of their retirement pa……………………………

Case Study Sergeant Louis Lou Maynard
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