Case study analysis and report

Task description

The purpose of this Assessment is to evaluate how well you as a manager apply the theory

Learned in the course to a real-life scenario where problems need to be solved. Your

Reasoning, problem solving and decision-making skills will be assessed.

You are to choose between two case studies in your text – the integrated case study – The

Creation of Sony on page 408 or the case study 5. Nelson Mandela on page 413 – and

Answer all questions.


The following requirements will assist the activities of both the assessors and the Australian

Institute of Management to perform and coordinate the assessment process effectively.

Please ensure your work:

  • is clearly presented on A4 paper
  • uses straightforward and plain English
  • has numbered pages and a contents page
  • has a title page stating your name, address, student ID number, plus the title of the

unit and the particular assignment

  • a declaration on the front page of the assignment certifying that the assignment is

your own work.


General Assessment Criteria

In assessing your performance we are seeking a demonstration of your ability to apply the

knowledge you have learned, either to your workplace or other circumstances, in a

thoughtful, questioning and critical manner.


Reporting Results

The terms that will be used to specify results in AIM SA post graduate studies are:

HD High Distinction 85 – 100 %

D Distinction 75 – 84%

C Credit 65 – 74%

P Pass 1 55 – 64%

P2 Pass 2 50 – 54%

F Fail 49% or less


Providing feedback

Your work will be returned to you, with the original attachment sheet, your results and the

assessor’s comments.

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