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Case Study

Case Study :


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You are a social worker in a program with in a non-government agency that supports people recovering from addiction. Steve, a 23 year old man presents at your service as he has been has a upcoming Court date for some drug related offences and his lawyer told him if he attends a course it will prevent him from going to prison.
Steve has a long history of alcohol and marijuana addiction as well as several prior convictions for theft and burglary. Steve has no family support and left home and school when he was 14 after being abused by his alcoholic step farther. He is currently living in transitional housing with friends who are also drug users. Steve has never been able to hold down a job, but picks up occasional work.
Steve agreed to one of one counselling however, during sessions he would often make rude remarks he was angry and bored and would often walk out of sessions.


Essay / Case Study analysis
case study to base your essay/case study analysis on. In your essay you will consider the practitioner in working with the case study and support your ideas and approaches to practice you have learning in this course. You can chose one or more of the theoretical models learned throughout this course to prepare your essay. For example: Strengths Based Approaches, Attachment Theory, Systems ecological approach and anti- oppressive practice. Your essay can include consideration of:

• The social work/practitioner role and the likely organisation context of the service response to the case study.
• The client and their significant others (extended family).
• What are your initial thoughts about the case study and what you would take into consideration preparing to work with the people in the case study?
• How does your understanding of theory and models of practice help you to understand the situation?
• How your understanding of theory and models of practice influence the approach you might take with the case study and outline this how you would work with this scenario.
• Consider what evidence you can find in the literature to help you critically evaluate your chosen approach to working with the client.

Criteria of Assessment:
Analysis/Argument(100 marks)
Demonstrated understanding of concepts, theory or perspective/model chosen
Application of concepts in critical analysis.
Use of clear framework
Key concepts, debates and issues identified
Critical reflection on the topic
Topic discussed in adequate depth – material relevant to topic
Evidence of wide reading

Structure/Organisation (20 marks)
Comments: (e.g. flow, linking between sections, good paragraph structure.)

Clarity of Expression (10 marks) Correct spelling/punctuation.
Good sentence/ Succinct writing

Referencing (10 marks) Bibliography Quality/number of references good correctly/consistently presented/Sources adequately acknowledged. Minimum of (5) academic references.

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