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Career Development and Activities

Your supervisor has asked you to research ideas on career development activities for its employees that your company can implement. Post your ideas for the top three career development activities that you think your organization and other organizations should provide for their employees. Why are these important? Consider your answers as well as other students’ answers. Based on this discussion did you change your ranking? Why or why not?


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Please provide references. I need enough assistance to produce a two-page response.
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  1. Post your ideas for the top three career development activities that you think your organization and other organizations should provide for their employees.

It depends on whom you talk to, but even though some researchers use a different concept to explain the same type of activity (i.e., leadership training versus managerial effectiveness training, etc.) but the following three seem to touch on the main areas.

The top three career development activities are concerned with human resource development issues: career counseling – employment skills training (wherever there is a gap between present level of skills and the needed skills and competencies); managerial effectiveness training; change management training (Source:

A. WHY is career counselling (or alternatively, the activity could be referred to as Skills Training) important?

  1. Career Counselling (i.e., assessing job requirements and employee skills assessment – is there a good fit of a gap between the needed skills and the present competencies?)

If there is a gap, then this must be determined through career counselling and assessment and then the solution will be training specific to the skill or competency deficiency)

These are important and purposeful to help to align the interests, expectations and activities of the career development and our organization’s employment needs with respect to their common human resource development goals – formation of individuals with the appropriate education, training and skills needed in the workplace in order to meet the labour requirements of a rapidly changing and expanding economy. A person with insufficient knowledge of available education and career opportunities and the knowledge, skills and abilities demanded by employers is destined to be adrift in the labour market of the 21st century. These career activities will prevent this phenomenon from occurring in our organization by providing career counselling, human resource development activities and leadership and specific employment skills training when required.

Effective career information and activities are indeed a key to making lifelong learning a reality and necessity for all employees. These activities can help to make the best use of human resources in our organization by allowing better matches between people’s skills and interests and available opportunities for work activities and learning. As well, they are important elements in active labor market policies and active welfare to work policies. (OECD, About Career Information and Guidance)

B. Why is managerial (i.e., leadership) effectiveness training important?

2.Managerial Effectiveness Training

Career development, thus focuses on enhanced communication among employees and their managers, which is imperative to the success of a business. Enhanced communication among employees and their managers is imperative. In fact, building a trusting working relationship between manager and employee through open and honest communication creates a positive work environment. Further, the manager’s support for the individual’s current success and future potential improves employee moral and often increases productivity. Managers must learn to establish one-on-one developmental planning discussions between mangers and employees to develop a trusting relationship that fosters a healthy work environment (Source:

Why else? Helps to curtail employee retention. Key employee retention is critical to the long-term health and success of your business. Managers readily agree that their role is key in retaining your best employees to ensure business success. If managers can cite this fact so well, why do many behave in ways that so frequently encourage great employees to quit their job? Organizational issues such as training time and investment; lost knowledge; mourning, insecure coworkers and a costly candidate search aside, failing to retain a key employee is costly. Various estimates suggest that losing a middle manager costs an organization up to 100 percent of his salary. The loss of a senior executive is even more costly. Here are ten more tips for employee retention, at
Why is change management training important?

  1. Change Management Training
    Today, people need to understand synergy and learn to accept the uncertainty of the future. For many organizations, the ability to change is at once critical and elusive; they are unable to transform themselves even in the face of dire need.

Therefore, career development in important in this area for managers and employees alike. For example, the company may call in a “chief change agent” for professional development. For example, as nonhierarchical as her job title sounds, Turner’s role at XBS is that of “chief change agent.” Here are her nine lessons for would-be change agents.

  1. Be open to data at the start. “Even if you think you know what you’re doing, chances are you don’t know what you could be doing. Open up your mind to as much new thinking as you can absorb. You may find different and better ideas than the ones your organization started with.”
  2. Network like crazy. “There is a network of people who are thinking about learning organizations. I’ve found you can get in touch with them easily. People say to me, `I can’t believe you talked with so-and-so! How’d you do it?’ The answer is, I called him.”
  3. Document your own learning. “People in the organization need to see documentation for their own comfort. The smartest thing I did was to create a matrix of ideas from leading thinkers. I documented two categories …
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