Business Presentation: Successes, challenges and image

Successes, challenges and ingredients of business presentations and the rhetorical triangle
Can you please elaborate on the following?


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  1. What are the challenges that someone may face in presentations?
  2. What are some successes in making a presentation?
  3. What are the ingredients for a successful presentation?
  4. Can a presenter really change their image from presentation to presentation? If so, how? Is it ethical? I need to think of an example in which this might happen or has happened. What are/were the results?

I have been asked to imagine that I have been asked to prepare a presentation on the Rhetorical Triangle.

There is the following:

  • Audience: Fifty students who have neither seen the classroom materials nor read the readings for this unit.
  • Topics: The rhetorical triangle, the speaker, the audience, the topic/setting
  • Hint: Rhetorical Triangle: The dynamic relationship among the speaker, the audience, and the topic/setting is known as the Rhetorical Triangle. The rhetorical triangle is comprised of three primary elements: the speaker, the audience, and the topic/setting. The shape and form of the rhetorical act or presentation is driven by these three primary elements.
  • The Speaker: The actual individual speaking
  • The Audience: Who will actually be attending in addition to those who may not be present but will be influenced by or have access to the content of the presentation
  • The Topic/Setting: Remember that the setting includes both the physical place and the social/cultural backdrop of the content and presentation.
  1. Can you elaborate on creating a simple 5-6 slide PowerPoint presentation that will relay the key points to this audience?

My presentation should contain the following elements:

  • various formatted text
  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists

Thanks so much for your help.
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Please see response and attachments attached, which is also presented below. First, let’s look at each question presented and then elaborate on some possibilities for the 6 slides for your presentation on “The Rhetorical Triangle.” I hope this helps and take care.


Question 1: What are the challenges that someone may face in presentations?

Giving a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation presents two challenges, especially when using your laptop:

  1. The first is that what you want to happen when you connect your laptop to the projection equipment is that its screen will be cloned on the overhead projector for a presentation. An undesired situation is when the screen on your laptop decides instead of replicating itself to spread itself across the overhead projector so part is on your laptop and part on the overhead projector.
  2. Secondly you expect that every thing in your PowerPoint presentation, including any digitized video, so nice for a multimedia presentation, will be successfully displayed on the overhead projector. An undesirable situation is when the digitized video shows up as a solid black rectangle. (

Other challenges include:

  1. Being nervous and fidgety
  2. The audience won’t pay attention
  3. Hmm… and other speech problems…
  4. For others see article attached “presentation tips” and also the PowerPoint presentation deals with all the potential problems of giving a presentation and how NOT to do them.

Question 2. What are some successes in making a presentation?
Question 3: What are the ingredients for a successful presentation?

See …

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