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Barney and Hesterly’s (2015) ideas about strategy and their VRIO framework

Task: For the organization where you work  apply Barney and Hesterly’s (2015) ideas about strategy and their VRIO framework to identify the key internal factors that are likely to have implications for enterprise performance and strategic goal accomplishment. In Week One you looked at your organization’s mission, vision, values and key objectives and began the process of evaluating strategic alignment. Now you will take this a step further and examine more systematically the resources, capabilities, systems and processes, and other internal factors that are important for successful strategy implementation. Later in the semester, (in week 7) you will have another opportunity to apply what you have learned to your own situation but your focus will then be on external factors and forces and their implications for both your industry and your organization.


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For this week 5 paper, submit your work in your assignment folder in the form of a 2,500 word(approximate) double-spaced APA formatted report. The title page, abstract, reference list, and appendices are not included in this word count. (Note: Supplementary information should be placed in Appendices rather than in the body of the paper.)

Scenario: To tackle this week’s assignment, assume you are in the role of an internal consultant who is able to couple your knowledge about strategy with the excellent research and analytical skills needed to fill any gaps. Imagine your boss, who knows you are taking this course and are almost finished your graduate management degree program, has asked you to put together a report that will help the executive team gain a richer understanding of the organization’s resources and capabilities and the extent to which these might be leveraged for competitive advantage. During this conversation your boss says, “The things you have been telling me about strategy and this VRIO framework have made me look at things differently and make me want to learn more about where we stand with respect to the value, rarity, imitability of our resources and capabilities, and whether we are organized as well as we should be. I want you to look at our current situation and share any recommendations you may have as a result of your analysis.” He adds, ” I know I can count on you for a strong objective analysis that relies on independently verifiable evidence. I think it will help you to be objective if you rely only on information that is publicly available rather than “digging around” in any of our confidential organizational documents.  I hope I can use your report to put together a presentation for the executive team. If you do a good job with this it might also prove useful for a briefing for our Board. Remember, this is not something I want shared with others until I have a chance to read what you have found.

As you leave this imaginary meeting with your boss, you take comfort in knowing that your report is actually just for your professor who is required to treat everything you will share as confidential. You also remind yourself that because this is for academic credit you will need to include and cite sources to relevant scholarly and professional work. These things said, you look forward to the opportunity to apply what you are learning to your own organization and practice using your “consultant’s eye.”

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