Applicant Testing: Given these considerations, which testing system do you believe may be the most legitimate?

Your supervisor has asked you to address the following in a document that will be sent to other managers within the organization.

What is needed:
legal and ethical considerations of major types of tests as follows:

  1. cognitive abilities
  2. motor and physical abilities
  3. personality and interests
  4. achievement tests

Given these considerations, which testing system do you believe may be the most legitimate?

REMEMBER to compare and contrast testing methods specifically to demonstrate how the methodologies you have not selected may have more negative ethical and legal consequences than the one you have selected.

In your answer also discuss ways in which advancements in technology have helped to make the applicant testing and selection process more efficient and effective.
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The chief concerns are the legal and ethical issues involved in pre-employment testing. The possible types of testing you
want to consider are cognitive skills, motor and physical abilities,personality and interests, and achievement tests. You would like to research what is available and then compare and evaluate them for suitability for your use. Finally you also want an evaluation of technology issues related to pre-employment testing.

Let me explain to you the current situation in pre-employment testing and discuss why you will have to conduct further research before you can possibly approach answering the questions you’ve delineated.

Classified Versus Non-Classified Service:
Many jobs are “classified”, meaning that you will have to take and pass a qualifying exam in order to
hold a permanent title in that job. Under certain situations, you may be appointed provisionally in a title until you take the qualifying exam.
Jobs in the Support Staff, Case Processing and Support Staff Supervisory bands are classified. Individuals seeking entry-level positions in these bands are required to pass a State Department of Personnel administered civil service exam to receive a …

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