3D maya model character

Assessment Value: Worth 40% of final mark for the unit.
Assignment envelopes will be provided if required
Learning outcomes from the Unit Outline:
• Create characters, objects and environments for computer games using 3D modelling
• Model, texture, light and render 3D scenes using 3D modelling software
Create a 3D model of a cartoon or superhero biped character. The model must be
analysed and converted from a real world counterpart model into a 3D model constructed
using Maya. Your virtual model should be textured and coloured as its real life counterpart.
The following elements need to be submitted:
• Maya project hierarchy of your character. This is a MUST; no other format is
acceptable. For objects in your scene other than the model itself, you may use stock
items from Maya or objects from other packages that have been converted. Ensure you
acknowledge the sources of any extra materials in your written description.
• Your model must be modelled in a t-pose or x-pose to allow for possible rigging and
animation at a later stage. Models which are not submitted in a t-pose (x-pose also
acceptable) will not score as well.
• Turntable anim of character of at least 200 frames (exported via playBlast as H.264
• 6 rendered images (jpg format 1920 x 1080) that incorporate your character model
along with other visual media to show it off in its best light.
• A written description of the techniques used to create the model. This written
description must be at least 500-750 words in length and submitted in pdf format.
Include the following to your analysis:
o Measured and scaled drawings of your model showing the important features
and dimensions used in the construction of your virtual model.
o Screen captures of your model at several stages of development to
demonstrate how your work has evolved
o A set of photographs (or submit the original toy) of your model

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