HCS 545 Week 6 Executive Committee Presentation (2 PPT)

Click on the Virtual Organization link located on the student website. Click the Healthcare tab, then click the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital link and locate the following information: • The Chief Compliance Officer –Compliance Issues files

• Under the Chief Compliance Officer link – Director of QA/Risk Management – Review all Incident Reports Prepare a 12- to 20-slide (does not include title slide and reference slide). Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes for the executive committee of the hospital that includes the following information:

HIPAA (1996) (As it relates to the incidents)

• Explains the ethical issues related to data privacy and security (General)

• Describes the two HIPAA (1996) issues (Incident specific)

• Indicates how you will respond to the HIPAA (1996) privacy, security and HITECH (2009) breach issues (Incident specific)

• Describes employee follow-up after breach on each issue (Incident specific)

• Describes changes to ensure data privacy and security (Either in general or incident specific) Medical error (As it relates to the incidents)

• Explains the ethical issues related to medical error (General)

• Describes response to each of the seven medical errors to limit liability (incident specific)

• Explains response to Joint Commission concerns (General) Recommends a quality improvement strategy to reduce medical error (In general) Include at least four references Learning Team Evaluation

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