HCS 525 Week 3 Individual Assignment Interdisciplinary Relationships Paper (2 Papers)

HCS 525 Week 3 Individual Assignment Interdisciplinary Relationships Paper

Collaboration among health care professionals is the key to positive patient outcomes. Each member of the health care team has been trained with specific knowledge and skills, which allow them to do what they do best. Working together as a team brings specific strengths of each discipline to focus on the care of the patient and supplements any weaknesses of other teammates. Effective interdisciplinary relationships decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction, while improving overall health care worker satisfaction.
Research different health care interdisciplinary relationships, such as radiology, working with the emergency room, or working in a pharmaceutical company, that the marketing department needs to collaborate with the development department.

Write a 1400 word paper summarizing your findings.
Include ways to avoid and resolve conflict, how to work as a team and collaborate with other departments, and ways to make the process better. You may also include a personal experience with an interdisciplinary relationship and describe if it worked well or if there was a breakdown.

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