Cross – disciplinary connections : Business ; Simple Accounting ; Math ; Logical , step – by – step problem solving ; Critical thinking Missy…

the Program should look like the sample output all instructions are on the files

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Cross – disciplinary connections : Business ; Simple Accounting ;Math ; Logical , step – by – step problem solving ; Critical thinkingMissy Musician and her band are headlining the SXSW music festival in Austin . HerEDM band is called BobbleHeads ! They are ecstatic about this engagement as it allowsthem to break into the big leagues ! Missy will be travelling to Austin from New Yorkwith her band and equipment . She needs to plan , plan , plan and is trying to do severalmental calculations ! Then she remembers that you , her high school friend , is taking thisprogramming class and she wants to you automate , in the form of a program , thethoughts in her head . She supplies the following information to you and she wants youto write her a program that calculates her net total cost of performing at SXSW and thetotal revenues generated from the show . You do not need to calculate a profit / loss -just straight up total cost and total revenues .Missy has three female band members , including herself .2 .They will fly from New York to Austin . They may not all be flying on the sameflight .3 .Each band member has the option to upgrade to first class . If she does , she mustpay an extra $250 for her ticket .4 .Since the airlines only allow 30 pounds in baggage , each band member will likely*need to pay excess baggage / cargo charges for the band equipment . Since eachmember is carrying varying amounts of baggage , there is no way to tell thebaggage weight other than ask the performer herself .5 .The band will rent a van at the airport and keep the van for the week .6 . They have rented a house for the whole week through VRBO . com .7 .Knowing her band members’ spending habits , Missy has imposed a per diem ratefor food and other miscellaneous expenses . This rate is $85 per day .8. Missy and the band will sell merchandise to offset the cost of the trip . Thismerchandise includes :”2 .”I – shirtsb .Beer mugsC .Postersd. Coffee mugse . Of course it includes bobblehead dolls !9. SXSW will pay the band an honorarium of $ 1500 to perform at the festival .Program specs and other important informationFor this lab you will need to :”1 . Write a function to input the cost of the airline ticket . You will write one functionthat will input the name of one band member and return that name to thecalling program . You will be calling this function three times .Page 1 of 4

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