COM 140 CheckPoint: Effective Business Communication

CheckPoint: Effective Business Communication

Conveying negative information is one of the most difficult tasks you will encounter in business communication. To receive a favorable response, focus on appropriate word choices, tone, and organization of details—especially how much information to convey to each person and how to layer the negative content. Providing the best possible service to both internal and external customers hinges on good communication.

Resources: Microsoft® Word Tutorial: Creating Tables, Writing for Your Reader Checklist, Keys to Effective Business Communication, and Writing Different Kinds of Messages

Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum

Read the following scenario:

As a project manager, you are looking forward to completing your current project and then taking a European vacation with your bonus money. Shortly before bonuses are expected, however, you realize your team just missed reaching the financial goal for the quarter. As a result, you and your team will not receive bonuses. You must notify your manager and your team members about this development. You must also inform your travel agent you are unable to take the trip.

COM 140 Contemporary Business Communication

Course Syllabus Page 12

Review the section about purpose, audience, tone, and content in the Week One reading Keys to Effective Business Communication and the section about composing negative messages in the Week Three reading Writing Different Kinds of Messages.

Review the Microsoft® Word Tutorial: Creating Tables

Create a table with the following column headings: Manager, Teammates, Travel Agent.

Add the following row headings to the table: Purpose, Audience, Tone, Content.

Use the table to enter the appropriate purpose, audience, tone, and content for communicating the negative information in the scenario to your manager, teammates, and travel agent. Later in the course, you will use the information in the table to develop business communication.

Review the Writing for Your Reader Checklist at to ensure you have included all the information for your intended audiences. If you cannot answer yes to each item, revise your list before you submit the CheckPoint.

Post the CheckPoint as an attachment

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